Clan rules

To become a member in »UB's« you must :

  • Speak ONLY English on the server and Team speak!

  • be 18 or older to join our clan.


  • Always wear your tags.

  • Respect other members and public players.

  • Report any problems with members to the clanleader.

  • Post ideas ( if any ) and participate in votes on the forums.

  • be active on Team speak.

  • Always remember - it´s all about having a fun time with some good friends.

When joining us you will be on TRL period at first, This can last from 1 week to 2 months depending on how active you are on teamspeak and our servers. At the end of the TRL period there will be a vote between clan members if you can pass or not. If you receive 3 or more "no" votes at the end of your TRL it will result in you failing the TRL.
Good Luck!